Who are we?


Smart-Tab are security printers who specialise in manufacturing unique print solutions. 


We are the creator and manufacturer of the Pin-Tab mailer supplying banks and security companies in over 40 jurisdictions across all continents. Known for our innovation and creativity, we develop unique and cost effective security print solutions for organisations worldwide that are looking for something different. 


We don’t assume the conventional and more traditional product is the most appropriate one but propose a solution to meet your needs and demands, including;

~ product authentication ~ tamper evidence ~ anti-counterfeit ~ secure printed data ~ digital processing


We manufacture directly from raw materials using our patented Colourvoid printing technologies and unique printing presses, do not buy in pre-constructed materials and can therefore tailor the product to your bespoke requirements. This approach  ensures we can offer the most cost effective personalised solution for you. Our solutions can be supplied in label, reel or stationery format and we will always consider your processing capabilities to ensure we only do what is needed to enable you to utilise your own equipment or technology.


Our business is security and it is often not desirable to reveal all online - so we are discrete and do not publicise our customers or their solutions. If you have a security issue or can't find a print solution that meets your requirements, please contact us - we love a challenge!

A few of our products we can show you!

Pin-Tab - designed to obscure data printed on the surface - most commonly used for financial PINs but can be used for hiding any secure information 

Packaging labels and seals  - not just any old label. When removed it can reveal any message including text, your logo or brand and personalised colour scheme and shapes are available. Providing tamper evidence for the recipient, enhancing the customer experience and differentiating your brand

Holo-tab - the new technology to replace holograms  - not just an OVD but one with a covert message built in. How many people could identify a genuine hologram from a copy?  This is a label which can be easily removed to reveal an underlying message, image or both enabling a customer to easily verify its authenticity. Can be used to authenticate documents, packaging and products.